About Us

Floatsup® the company and the patented "Floatsup Cup" paddle board drink holder was inspired while on the Whitefish River in Montana and later refined on some rivers and lakes in Oregon and Washington. Founders of Floatsup Paige and Eric, live in Whitefish, Montana, and enjoy all of the outdoor activities the area has to offer. 

Floatsup was created because we wished there were better paddle board accessory options and when we couldn't find what we wanted, we developed them ourselves! Our debut product is the patented Floatsup Cup. An easy way to keep your beverage from tipping over utilizing the existing bungee cords on a paddle board or kayak. The Floatsup Cup fits a wide variety of drink sizes and different paddle board styles. The suction cups of existing products didn't work well on our board pads and since you often have to choose between skinny and regular can size, we couldn't always bring a variety of drinks with us and use it with a water bottle. 

Our first paddle board purchase was driven by Eric's love of kayaking and Paige's love of floating on the water, hence Floatsup. We love being on the water and believe in having FUN. We believe in paddling at your own pace, paddling with friends, and sometimes the best thing about paddling is not paddling at all. PADDLE YOUR WAY

Floatsup Kickstarter Video